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Lorraine Conrad is an industry leader with over 24 years experience in the hair extension and hair replacement field. Lorraine is the top hair extension artist in the nation. She’s been in the field for over 24 years and she has tried every method out there. Having found problems with each one of them, her mission is to create a product that is fast, easy, non-damaging to the client’s hair, has easy application and removal, and is virtually undetectable. That is why she created Hair Addictionz.

This new hair extension method is like no other.

It’s the only method of its kind!


Another complaint that stylist had, was the hair did not look and feel good after a few washings. I am proud to say, not only do we have the best product out there but we also have the best hair on the international market . We offer client care pamphlets for you and highly recommend you purchase these for your clients.


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