Simply Smooth Keratin Treatment

Simply Smooth keratin is combined with Apple Pulp for the healing and moisturizing
benefits that also helps to minimize breakage while shampooing, brushing and styling
your hair.Vitamin A,E,D and magnesium to promote ongoing nourishment and
protection from free radicals within the environment.

Where other keratin treatments often use harsh chemicals to bond and preserve the
keratin to the hair Simply Smooth has replaced these ingredients with Vanallin derived
from the vanilla pod which is a natural food grade preservative also found in chocolate!

Vanallin helps the keratin within the Simply Smooth treatments to combine naturally in
and around each strand of hair healing,strengthening and restoring the hair,creating
beautiful smooth shiny health hair through a very natural process.Vanallin also helps
the keratin treatments to last longer within the hair ultimately giving you beautiful
healthy hair you can control and enjoy lasting 16+ weeks!

For more information on Simply Smooth Keratin visit their website: Click Here

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